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    Since they were released I was always thinking to get a pair of front calipers from CS. However, as you all know they're released in Blue, Red and Black, and despite the mods list and actual power I also care quite a lot about my car looking good, being 100% streetable and comply as much as possible with the norms and standards - and that makes things a lot tougher.

    So having blue or black front calipers (the car is Cosmic Blue) will leave the silver rear calipers look kind of weird. Therefore I need to find a good caliper paint that will match either the black or ideally the blue colour of the CSs.
    Getting a pair of black calipers and pretend that they just look a tad cleaner than the current baked OEM calipers could be an option but far from ideal from a looks stand point.
    Did anyone find any matching paint for these? Or at least has a chance of comparing the Foliatec RS Blue against the anodized blue on the CS calipers?

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