Terms of Service and Rules

Welcome to the new Mazdaspeeds organization!

This forum was developed due to popular demand by you, the car enthusiast. You all wanted a positive and productive place to learn, discuss, search, and support each other. That's what this organization is all about! Positive solutions and respect for other members is the key to getting along in the Mazdaspeeds organization.

Before you get started, please make sure to search for a solution or answer for your question. While many members in here are very knowledgeable and willing to help, they are not here to do all the work for you. They will and are willing to help but only after you, yourself, has given it your best effort and proven so.

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Mazdaspeeds.org has some rules to follow.

Buying and Selling on Mazdaspeeds.org:

1) Buying and selling for Metal Members ONLY. Click the link up top to donate and become a Metal Member. Only Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members are allowed to sell here.

2) Each item for sale must be posted, unwrapped and clearly visible. A handwritten sign must be included in the picture. Signage must include the current date, “mazdaspeeds.org” or “MSO”, and your forum name. Do not fake the signage.

3) Seller must have their location in the post or in their profile.

4) Parts must be uninstalled, proven to be in working condition (for electronics and such), and ready to box up and ship.

5) Items must be in your possession and owned by you.

6) Please mark what the items sold for after the sale. It is very helpful to others.

7) Selling an Accessport? Make sure you have a pic of the Accessport with signage of “uninstalled” status.

8) Selling your car?

a) Need a pic with signage of the VIN plate and of the cluster showing mileage.

b) Include text of the VIN so a background check may be easily run.

c) If it was wrecked or salvage, disclose it.

9) Responding to a WTB (Want to Buy): You can respond, but before $ is sent, pic and signage posted in the thread.

10) GI/Feeler posts are not allowed. You’re option are: sell it or don’t.

11) All FS/WTB threads close expire in 60 days and will need to be reposted with new pictures and signage.

12) No cross-posting of Craigslist, Facebook, or other forum sales.


14) Shipping: Ship with tracking and insurance, and send to buyer within 24 hours of shipment. Items must be shipped out within 3 business days unless noted in the FS thread.

15) Prohibited items:

a) Guns, knives, weapons or parts.

b) Anything illegal.

Enforcement of the rules: We will issue warnings, and if they continue, you will be subject to ban.

Posting on Mazdaspeeds.org:

1) Avatars and signatures:

a) Avatars must be Safe For Work. If you have to ask, use something different.

b) Avatars & Signatures that attack the site, vendors, or members are not allowed.

2) Posting Guidelines:

a) No racism or racial slurs

b) No Porn or NSFW outside the specific section in Metal Members. Label the threads accordingly when creating them.

3) Only Approved Vendors may have multiple user accounts. Do not create more than 1 account, or be subject to all accounts being banned.

4) Only Approved Vendors may post on this forum. Email webmaster@mazdaspeeds.org for more information.

Enforcement of the rules: We will issue warnings, and if they continue, you will be subject to ban.

Rules will be updated as needed.