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Ok, so you have done research (or didn't) and now you have a Speed. Congratulations! Now you are looking at customization, adding power, tuning, etc. In this thread, we are going to discuss steps we recommend (or wish we had taken) in our path to power.

Good started reference is what to look for in buying a Mazdaspeed.

Moving on, here is the advice we have to offer you. You may have a 100K mile pretty stock speed. However, before checking on on that parts order, you need to take a lot into consideration. Our speeds are 11-21 years old. Before slapping on the parts, take care and ensure the Speed is healthy for added power.

1) compression test. If you have 180, 180, 120, 180, then you need to look into motor building, as 3rd cylinder likes to spit pistons
2) If you have no record of a VVT/timing chain replacement in 100K miles, do that too.
Here is how:
3) Injectors! So they have been spitting fuel a long time. Direct Injection can gum them up and that is not good. Send them out to be cleaned and get upgraded stainless steel filters.
4) While the manifold is off, look at the intake valves. If they look all tarred up and nasty, clean them. Here is how:
5) Inspect (and then upgrade) the motor mounts, as they do wear out and wheel hop can break em. Corksport and Damond Motorsports (both are founding Approved Vendors) offer excellent options!
This list ill be edited and added to as more advice comes in. I plan to post links to threads here that can help guide everyone through these steps.

7) from @chris' speed 3 To add to maintenance:
The pcv system is important to prevent the crankcase pressures from getting too high
- If you've just...
Figured I would throw the bumper fitment solutions into a better organized location than the announcements. No banners, and will be at the bottom of the vendor section.

What we have is a solution for Mazdaspeed 3s of both generations for the fenderwell area of the bumper being loose. While a fix is possible for the Gen 1 for the front area around the headlight, the 2nd Gen (GenPu) is being actively developed.

RaiderFab is just the name I came up with after I had to go out on my own and come up with a fix for the fenderwell tab failure on the 1st Gen MS3. With help from @Maisonvi, who made a cad drawing of my crude specs, made a better bracket to confirm it would work, got a company to fab the brackets right here in Michigan...Murrica. The result of nearly 3 years of trial and error is the solution for the Gen1 Market.

2nd Gen, GenPu MS3 owners face similar issues, and @Faeker has helped prove the solution will work and at a very affordable cost.

Time for an update! October 2022 I lost my job. After 2 years of inventory issues and covid, etc my latch distributor closed shop. I decided to make this my thing. I was given full rights to his pics, and has been a huge help getting me going. Nearly December, my website is being made by me, I have all the legal stuff done too. I hope to open for sales soon!

I am also looking to expand to the solutions to anyone who has bumper issues. Just PM me and we can talk about how to make a solution.

Thanks, and look for more from RaiderFab in 2023
Welcome to the new Mazdaspeeds organization!

This forum was developed due to popular demand by you, the car enthusiast. You all wanted a positive and productive place to learn, discuss, search, and support each other. That's what this organization is all about! Positive solutions and respect for other members is the key to getting along in the Mazdaspeeds organization.

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9) Responding to a WTB (Want to Buy): You can respond, but before $ is sent, pic and signage posted in the...