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Send payments via paypal to with your name and forum name to reserve a spot!
Payment info and list of confirmed attendees below.

Maybe you've attended some of the massive Epic Nator meets in the past, maybe you haven't. Maybe you even STILL own a Mazdaspeed! Or maybe you don't. Whatever the case, if you are involved, or are looking to get involved, with the and Nator community (and honestly, you should be), then I hope to see you at this meet! We've chosen Speedway Indianapolis as a relatively central location for the USA, with a huge car culture and a ton of awesome activities to explore. We hope you'll join us from September 28-October 1, 2018 for a weekend of motorsports, fraternity, and debauchery!

sidenote- For 2018, Epic Central Nator Meet is being run in conjunction with Midwest Nator Meet . There will not be a separate MWM this year.

September 28-October 1, 2018
Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

Accommodations: Wingate by Wyndham- Indianapolis (5797 Rockville Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46224). (317) 296-6297
Call and request your rooms from the "Nator" block the weekend of Sept 29. They run $102/night, both for singles and doubles. They are dog friendly, and say they are used to accommodating large car groups as well (which are likely more disruptive and destructive than dogs, anyway). We'll start a room sharing thread on for your room-sharing convenience!

Just ordered a shipment of the finished design for the RaiderFab GenPu brackets! These will be sent to and sold direct! There will be a link to buy them right in our MSO store, like Gen 1!

I will post pics, links, etc when ready!

Lots of info here:
So from what I've heard ENM will be April 18th-22nd. Can anyone confirm? Hoping what I've heard is correct; if it is I hope to meet some fellow Mazdaspeeds!
Hi everyone! Many of you have met Eddie Morgan (@fasteddie128) locally at the Mazda Meet & Eat 4, a recipient of the complimentary door molding removal, as well as meeting Eddie and his son at Epic Nator Meet in Robbinsville.

Well i have found out, he has some serious medical issues. Stage 2 Testicular cancer, but the mass is in his back. He is being stretched financially as he undergoes chemo. A GoFundMe has already been started, and I promised Eddie I would try to get Nator to help him out.

I am planning to make a $100 donation on behalf of MSO. I will be adding this to the top of the forum, sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Please, if you can help, he and his family would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you,
Eric AKA Raider.
RaiderFab and is proud to offer a bumper fitment solution without the need of those ridiculous rubber bands that stretch and fail for first generation Mazdaspeed 3's (2007-2009)!

2010-2013 (GenPu) MS3? go here for information on your Fenderwell solution:
2010-2013 (GenPu) MS3? go here for information on your headlight bracket solution group buy!

About the latches:
Only 1 latch will be needed for the fenderwell kit per side. If the area is popping off under the headlights as well, you will want to order a pair of full latch kits as well, which will be in the link sent when you order. You can even order our fenderwell kit first, then if needed after, order the front latch later.

The goal is to go from the bumper falling off, to this:
The how-to will be updated to reflect the final design as needed, but overall, it is pretty similar to the prototype.

UPDATE 5/14/2017: And now, ordering is even easier! RaiderFab is partnering with for DIRECT ORDERING! They have taken in RaiderFab hardware, so you can order it all from them! All MSO members need to do is use promo code RAIDERFAB at checkout for 30% discount, good throughout the website, if you need to order a full kit for the headlight area.
... decals are in stock available NOW for shipment in the ALL NEW MSO Store!

These are 2" by 10".
Left Column from top: Black, Orange, Pink, Neon Yellow, Purple, Brilliant Blue.
Right Column from top: White, Goooold, Silver, Red, Green Chrome, Silver Rainbow Holographic.
Bottom: Black Carbon Fiber II.

OK, so how do you order?
To order, simply go to the MSO Store and pick your colors if in the lower 48 States!

If outside the USA., simply PM or email @Raider! at and indicate what colors and quantity you want when you order, and your mailing information. I can put a quote together. Canada for example, is just $1 more.

No limit, just use math to figure out the total if you are ordering more than 2. ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED OUT WITHIN 24 HOURS (except on Sunday-derp) AS ORDERED!

If you want to order for pickup locally to me, Save a buck off shipping!

IFor those who want to send in vinyl to @Scott@TSS to cut,just PM Scott.

Individual Colors Up Close:

Brilliant Blue.jpg Black CFII.jpg CFII Up Close.JPG Purple.jpg Neon Yellow.jpg Pink.jpg Orange.jpg Black.jpg Silver Rainbow Holographic.jpg green chrome.jpg Red.jpg Silver.jpg Gooooold.jpg White.jpg
Custom colors possible. PM ME if interested in anything on this sheet that is not one of the colors stocked.
Color Options.jpg

Any extra $ from the sales are going right back into MSO for raffles, software purchases and licensing for existing software, as well as the mailing supplies to send them out.
The Product

-CNC machined billet mounting cups

-Hand TIG and MIG welded

-Durable high gloss black powdercoat

-USA Made

-Reduce rear end float

-1"x1/2" Rectangular tube steel provides the ultimate in strength as well as a low profile design

-Easy install. Simply remove two bolts and bolt the brace right up

-No cutting or welding

-Clears all exhausts

PURPLE SHOWN FOR DETAILS. Brace will ship in high gloss black powdercoat
Yes this will clear all aftermarket exhausts.

How It Works

The Rear Arm Bar connects both lower arms together which helps improve handling and predictablitiy in corners. This is achieved by reducing the amount of chassis deflection in this area. This deflection causes minute and sudden changes in the vehicles alignment which creates an unstable and unpredictable pattern for the driver. It also makes suspension tuning and adjustment harder as the chassis is throwing an additional variable at the system.

Price Breaks

Ive gone ahead and given the wildest price break Ive ever done before on this group buy. If we can get 35 names, youll get 40 dollars off of msrp!

Normal MSRP-129.95

5 names- 119.95

15 names-109.95

25 names-99.95

35 names-89.95 dollars


Signups will be processed until 9/24. After this date, I will send the coupon code out to be redeemed at The code will be valid until 9/30. No late payments will be accepted so please do not even ask.

How to Sign up

Simply copy and paste the list your user name added to the list. That's it!

Shipping Schedule

This one should ship out quickly. I am already in the process of production on these and as such, I expect a two week turnaround time. That being said, I am only...
Going to try and find someone who can perform a run with 2 maybe all 3 T-shirt colors in various sizes.

Who would want to order? DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY NOW!

SHIRTS RATES (Including shipping):
$20 each flat rate shipped (XXL, XXXL please add $2). Local pickup saves $5 off the total order. Post up the quantity, size and color in your order. S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Larger and taller possible, PM me.

Zip Up Hoodies possibly, again I need to find a company. I am thinking roughly $40-$45 shipped, as these things took a bigger box than expected the first round.