2021 Fall Dragon Camp @Tail of the dragon

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    Sorry for this super late post guys generally I have been swamped. This is just copy pasta from the facebook event. The facebook event link is listed below. Housing details are old. I recommend booking something now if you're planning to go. It'll likely be a busy year(not many of us but those rable bikers sure like showing up). I'll update this at some point.

    Lodging!!!! As of Aug 6 2pm.
    Quality Inn in Robbinsville has plenty of availability. Book now it's going to fill up fast and rates will climb.
    Dragons Rest Cabins are open.
    3 single queen cabins
    3 single queen+adult bunks
    Price starts at $88 a night all in for 2 people, goes up ~20 per person. Play that how you will.
    Airbnb galore. You just gotta check the area around Robbinsville. Some of the bigger cabins are still open. Majestic valley lodge is open it seems.
    Fontana Village looks to have 2 cabins.
    1 2 bed 2 bath queen and double bed 199 TH 229 F/S before tax
    1 3 bed 2 bath queen bed set of twins set of twin bunks 209 TH 249 F/S
    Treetops is basically a no go the whole compound is full.
    Book soon people! If getting big group stuff just post it up if you need beds filled to go in.

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