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We will be offering 2 Gift Certificates for Damond Motorsports for June 2017! 50 post metal members can enter all June!

The following is the first ever two-month raffle! Thanks to @Rorok , we have a Cobb Accessport V3 to raffle. This is a special one, so it's going to run all of June and July! Minimum of 75 posts to all metal members to enter to win this one! @Rorok as you may remember, lost his friend when t-boned and his car split in two last in a bad crash. 25% of all Metal Member upgrades bought from June and July 2017 will go to @Rorok to help him with short-term expenses. I am in possession of the AP, and it comes with everything but the USB cable to the computer. If you are Silver, and go Gold or Platinum, that upgrade counts as well as from green to Silver.

Both Raffles are up and ready to enter for all to enter who qualify! Spread the word! Post, be active, and enter to win while helping MSO grow!

Thank you everyone for your support of!

6/11/17: I will also donate $1 for every MSO decal sold through the end of July!

Supporters by Member Upgrades and Decal Orders:
Mauro_Penguin-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
JohnnyTightlips-GOLD! $6.25 raised!
warjunkies-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
Theoretics-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
Grayham-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
Marcus almanza-PLATINUM! $12.50 raised!
markos213-GOLD! $6.25 raised!
Gizmo-GOLD! $6.25 raised!
mktx01-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
Dedlyvirus-GOLD! $6.25 raised!
djsiva-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
alexwlwsn-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
jsmith-GOLD! $6.25 raised!
kevdog-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
mspeedzilla-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
macdiesel-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
JS: MSO Decal Order $.75 raised!
Everton992000-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
Dfwblkms3-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
batmsp6-SILVER! $2.50 raised!
RaiderFab and is proud to offer a bumper fitment solution without the need of those ridiculous rubber bands that stretch and fail for first generation Mazdaspeed 3's (2007-2009)!

2010-2013 (GenPu) MS3? go here for information on your Fenderwell solution:
2010-2013 (GenPu) MS3? go here for information on your headlight bracket solution group buy!

About the latches:
Only 1 latch will be needed for the fenderwell kit per side. If the area is popping off under the headlights as well, you will want to order a pair of full latch kits as well, which will be in the link sent when you order. You can even order our fenderwell kit first, then if needed after, order the front latch later.

The goal is to go from the bumper falling off, to this:
The how-to will be updated to reflect the final design as needed, but overall, it is pretty similar to the prototype.

UPDATE 5/14/2017: And now, ordering is even easier! RaiderFab is partnering with for DIRECT ORDERING! They have taken in RaiderFab hardware, so you can order it all from them! All MSO members need to do is use promo code RAIDERFAB at checkout for 30% discount, good throughout the website, if you need to order a full kit for the headlight area.
... decals are in stock available NOW for shipment in the ALL NEW MSO Store!

These are 2" by 10".
Left Column from top: Black, Orange, Pink, Neon Yellow, Purple, Brilliant Blue.
Right Column from top: White, Goooold, Silver, Red, Green Chrome, Silver Rainbow Holographic.
Bottom: Black Carbon Fiber II.

OK, so how do you order?
To order, simply go to the MSO Store and pick your colors if in the lower 48 States!

If outside the USA., simply PM or email @Raider! at and indicate what colors and quantity you want when you order, and your mailing information. I can put a quote together. Canada for example, is just $1 more.

No limit, just use math to figure out the total if you are ordering more than 2. ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED OUT WITHIN 24 HOURS (except on Sunday-derp) AS ORDERED!

If you want to order for pickup locally to me, Save a buck off shipping!

IFor those who want to send in vinyl to @Scott@TSS to cut,just PM Scott.

Individual Colors Up Close:

Brilliant Blue.jpg Black CFII.jpg CFII Up Close.JPG Purple.jpg Neon Yellow.jpg Pink.jpg Orange.jpg Black.jpg Silver Rainbow Holographic.jpg green chrome.jpg Red.jpg Silver.jpg Gooooold.jpg White.jpg
Custom colors possible. PM ME if interested in anything on this sheet that is not one of the colors stocked.
Color Options.jpg

Any extra $ from the sales are going right back into MSO for raffles, software purchases and licensing for existing software, as well as the mailing supplies to send them out.
First and foremost, I am sorry for the big delay. I had a lot change in my personal life. Work, wife returning to college and changing jobs, etc. I thought too much on how to make this easier, but really, making buttons on the site would be stupid confusing because we have BLUE, WHITE, and BLACK available for both hoodies and tees. My wife made a badass spreadsheet to keep me organized so this will help a lot.

***Do note, no profit from the sales will be leaving MSO. I will be turning it around and using it for forum software, raffles, and other things we use.***

HEAVY DUTY T SHIRT RATES (Including shipping):
$19 each flat rate shipped (XXL, XXXL please add $2, $4 for tall up to 3XL) Local pickup saves $5 off the total order. Specify the size and color (Blue, Black, Gray) in your order. S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Larger and taller possible, PM me.

ZIP UP HOODIE RATES (Including shipping):
$38 each for S-XL Local pickup saves $5 off the order.
$42 each for XXL and XXXL. Local pickup saves $5 off the order. Specify the size and color (Blue, Black, Gray) in your order. S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XLT, XXLT. Larger possible, PM me.

DRY FIT TEE RATES (Including shipping):
$22 each flat rate shipped (XXL, XXXL please add $2). Local pickup saves $5 off the total order. Specify the size and color (Blue, Black, Gray) in your order. S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Larger and taller possible, PM me

Also, you can add MSO decals to your order! We have a TON in stock of many colors! Just add the $ to the order. $3 each or 2 for $5! 4 for $10, etc. To see options, check the store and scroll down:

Payment locked....