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Welcome to the Official Store of and RaiderFab Bumper Fitment Solutions.

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RaiderFab and are proud to offer a bumper fitment solution without the need of those ridiculous rubber bands that stretch and fail for first generation Mazdaspeed 3's (2007-2009). And now, ordering is even easier! RaiderFab is partnering with for DIRECT ORDERING! They have taken in RaiderFab hardware, so you can order it all from them!

Only 1 latch will be needed for the fenderwell kit per side. If the area is popping off under the headlights as well, you will want to order a pair of full latch kits as well, which will be in the link sent when you order. You can even order our fenderwell kit first, then if needed after, order the front latch later.
Fixing your bumper fitment is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Order your RaiderFab hardware and our our discounted Quik-Latch latches!
  2. Install!
  3. Post to Instagram and Facebook, tagging RaiderFab,,and Quik-Latch!!
So what comes with the RaiderFab/Maisonvi kit?
  • A pair of the RaiderFab/Maisonvi stainless steel brackets
  • A pair of custom length latch pins
  • Stainless steel washers and nuts to hold it all in place
  • Anodized black, red, blue, or polished latches
  • Assist springs
More information and discussion can be found here:
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RaiderFab/Maisonvi Bumper Fitment Bracket kits for 1st Generation (2007-2009) Mazdaspeed 3:
Gen1 Kit

RaiderFab/Maisonvi Bumper Fitment Bracket kits for 1st Generation (2007-2009) Mazdaspeed 3 order link: Vinyl Decals!

We have many colors to choose from:


White Decal
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Silver Rainbow Holographic:

Silver Rainbow Holographic Decal
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Black Carbon Fiber II:

Black Carbon Fiber Decal
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Green Chrome:

Green Chrome Decal
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Red Decal
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Gold Decal
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Brilliant Blue:

Brilliant Blue Decal
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Purple Decal
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Neon Yellow:

Neon Yellow Decal
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Pink Decal
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Orange Decal
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Black Decal
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Silver Decal
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Yellow Decal
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Gray Decal
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