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    2007 Mazdaspeed 3
    I have some rust that I'm planning on fixing myself but I need replacement body clips for the side skirts (The pic I uploaded was from last year and the rust is worse now). I've been on the forums and have seen part numbers for the clips but they don't look the same when I poke my head under my car. Just wan't a definitive answer so I don't end up wasting any money. Also, I'm planning on buying some wheels soon. I wan't to go with Rota Grid 18x8.5 +44 with 235/40/18 tires. Would this setup work on stock suspension Gen 1? I would like to avoid rolling or pulling the fenders...
    I mainly just lurk in the forums and don't post a whole lot so sorry if this is in the wrong section or if the answers I'm looking for are starring me right in the face. Thanks for any Help!

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    There are at least 2 different kinds of clips on my gen 2. I have a bag of the huge ones that cost like $10 at the dealer. I'll send you one if you need it. The smaller ones I got from AutoZone "help" brand I think that said "mazda" on the box.

    I run 18x8.5 +48 on 235 and it fits just fine. On stock suspension there should be room for a +44. If youre lowered I still doubt you'd need a roll
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