Fall Mazda Dragon Camp Oct13th-16th

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    Alright everyone!

    OCT 13th 12pm to OCT 16th 12pm!

    Quick run down for the new comers.


    Free for all at this point. Prices have gotten pretty high so people just get in where they can fit in at this point.

    If you're still looking for a place the hotel and surround cabins are an option just google and check air bnb. Post on here if you need rommies. Filling up kind of fast so act fast!


    Highly advised to bring a radio. Cell service is mostly non existent outside of town.

    Baofeng UV-5R is kind of a standard these days.


    As well as a

    Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-771.


    Which can help the range but is definitely not a requirement.

    Myself and possibly Ernest Jones Aka DJ Ern??? Can help you get programmed. If this is too much just grab a cheap walkie and extra batteries.

    We generally run on channel 5 on standard walkies.


    Nothing planned as of yet. It would be nice to get everyone together for a meal.


    Group photo? They always turn out awesome. The dam is off limits kind of. Have to be in a parking spot and there's usually a few too many of us to do that. Fontana ball field is an option but likely gotta pay up. The area closer to maryville with the gravel lot by Chilhowee Lake right past the end of the dragon. The Midwest skyactive and Corksport guys did want to meet up. I asked a guy from their group after Corey from corksport said that group and some of them would like to meet up with the rest of us.


    Typical group is there starting Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. Most of group will have arrived by Friday evening. A majority usually shows by Thursday evening. Only a few stay past Sunday afternoon.

    Covid safety:

    While much less serious these and not at the fore front of evehones concerns were all adults be responsible. Don't give everyone the cooties on purpose.

    The roads:

    Stay in your lane. When you go out, make sure and go with a group or at least let someone know you went out especially at night. It's a public road not a race track have some fun but keep it sane. Seen too much crazy up there. EMS is pretty far out so drive half way sane.

    Miss you guys and looking forward to getting together with y'all again.

    This is copy pasta from Facebook.

    YESTURBO3, via a mobile device, Sep 22, 2022
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