High Pressure Fuel pressure/Fuel filter questions

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    I used Youtube. The two videos I watched had the people unhooking 2 fuel lines under the car but I had a tough time removing those so I left them alone. Here are the steps I used:
    1) remove rear seat, remove the black access panel. Pull the electrical connector, push the white button on the fuel connector and wiggle it off.
    2) Put a support on your tank and remove the plastic nuts that hold the heat sheild in place. manipulate the heat sheild out of the way.
    3) Remove the straps that hold the tank up and start lowering it down. When the tank is low enough to remove the fuel fill tank fill tube. Mine was a worm drive clamp. Getting it off was not hard.
    4) Lower the tank a little more. Reach up over the top of the tank and remove all the plastic lines that are snapped onto the tank. I think there were 2.
    5) let the tank all the way down on the ground. I still had one plastic line hooked to my tank but I was still able to do everything I needed to do with that line hooked up. This whole process, with no instructions, took me about 20 mins.
    6) installation is the reverse but getting the tank fill tube on sucks.
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