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Discussion in 'MSM & Boosted Miata/MX-5 General Discussion' started by mangosmoothie, Jan 12, 2021.

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    Well, I have a problem. The correct number of cars is always n+1 so I just added another to the list.


    I originally bought a 2002 C5 Z51 to be my toy. But shortly after I bought it, made a life change and moved across the country. I now live on an Indian reservation, which is pretty remote. I don't feel comfortable doing major maintenance on it. I also have no garage. The glass targa top gets hot as fuck in the summer. And the C5 has this fun quirk of breaking HVAC blend doors which requires dash removal. Not a big deal in KY because I drive it with the top off all the time. But out here where it's as cold as 20 or hot as 110, that would be a real shit time. And vettes don't like the heat in general.

    My 6 speed manual Taco proved I don't need shit loads of power. This should still be quicker than the taco, but more fun in certain regards. I actually think it's good stablemate to it.

    Why an NC? You could have gotten an ND. TBH I've always liked the NC Club. I like how it looks over the ND. The countless articles and forum posts I've sifted through all said the NC has better steering feel due to hydraulic rack so that's a big one. No worries about the trans grenading. Plus it has the MZR we all know and love. Better options for boooooooooooost :) :) :) Revs to 7500 stock, so that's fun. There is an NC MX5 cup class in the works as well from what I hear. I wanted the soft top because it's lighter than PRHT and the roll bars on the prht are kind of a pain in the ass. They have to be shorter. So to pass the broom stick test for SCCA or NASA or whatever local trackday org... you need to slam the seat and hope for the best. Much much easier on a soft top car.

    I had a 2013 CWP MS3 that I loved, and miss. This Miata seems like the spiritual successor.

    Plans? Start off with a better headunit, metal coolant expansion tank, and add a roll bar. Would eventually like to do sway bars, coil overs, RPF1's. My friend in Flagstaff is buying an M3 so allegedly we're going to do some HPDE's and hit up some twisties. I've also been dying to hit 191 which is a legendary road, and I've done 89a a few times through Sedona and Prescott. It's tail of the dragon-esque with 15 mph hairpins. Should be mad fun in the yata. Gonna be my grand touring car. Eventually I'd like to boost it, have to look into tuning options. Nobody has a pnp standalone yet, which I'm hoping ends up happening.

    Pic below is what I have in mind. Wheels and tires really do transform this car. Lol.

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    Very nice. The NC doesn't get enough love, I don't think. I prefer to think of it more as a mini RX-8 with a considerably more reliable engine than something like a NA or NB Miata. If I were to buy another car there's a good chance this would be it.
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