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    Well... My time with my Speed 3 is coming to an end. It's been a very fun car, but by far the best part were all the friends I've made along the way. I remember walking down the street shortly after I bought mine and saw a matte silver gen 1 with a tirerack banner, and some wicked street tires like R888R's or something.

    Found out it was brohannas car. I sent her a PM like a creeper but we became friends. She drug me to my first autocross, dragon camp, and midwest meets where I met a bunch of other amazing people.

    The speed is being sold to a Nator bro that wants it. Not sure what his plans with it are, I think daily and autocross. I'd rather sell the car to someone that wants it and will genuinely enjoy it than me continue to drive something that just isn't my thing anymore.

    So what's next? A Hyundai. Yep, that's right. 5.0 Genesis R spec. 429 hp, 376 ft lb. For all intents and purposes, it really isn't much different power wise than an LS3 or Coyote. It is obviously slower than any of the cars with those motors since it's still 4200 lbs.


    How in the world did I arrive at this car? I thought the speed3 with the k04 on e30 was the most fun set up. It was plenty fast for what I typically do with the car. I cracked a 13.x @ 104 without FFSing and a 13.4 @ 108 with FFS on the e30 k04. I just got my first big boy job as a pharmacist. I wanted something with less NVH and automatic because my commute can be murderous. I'm also not trying to spend a fortune on a car payment while paying back loans. So I was looking for cars <$25k that had a trap speed of ~104+. I drove a 335xi and it was pretty nice. Thought that's what I wanted. Drove the genesis next and just loved it. The 5.0 gives instant torque. The trans is responsive. It's super quiet on the highway and rides pretty smooth. Motortrend quotes 4.8 0-60 and a quarter mile of 13.2 @ 108. So right on par with my k04 e30 speed 3. The genesis broke the rear loose when I floored it at 40 mph, so it can be a little rowdy if provoked.

    I was debating on trying an A6, Taurus SHO, Lincoln MKZ 3.0t, etc. But the simplicity of a n/a V8 and rwd won me over. Then I kinda debated on the first gen Genesis sedan or the 2015 5.0. The 2015 is like 400+ lbs heavier, 9 hp less, and way more complicated. It has a few more features like blindspot, auto brake, and lane keep assist (actually moves the wheel). But It's hard to find them for a decent price with lower miles and they have some 1st model year issues. Apparently it rides and handles better, but its much more cramped to work on.. Warranty prices are higher, etc. The 1st gen really impressed me on the test drive.

    My '13 Speed 3 is the GT w/ tech, and I thought it was pretty well optioned. The Genesis, like my speed, has rain sensing wipers, and headlights that turn with the wheels. The only feature missing is blind spot monitoring. But I gain a heated steering wheel, radar cruise, heated side mirrors, sunroof, heated front and rear seats, auto folding mirrors, cooled driver seat, lane departure warning, backup cam and a pretty nice 17 speaker sound system. I decided on a white one from Carmax. It's being shipped as we speak. One owner, personal use, bought and sold in Cali. Never wrecked, dealer serviced. I'm also getting the maxcare warranty for it. Maxcare on the Hyundai is $1750 to cover the car up to 125,000 miles with a $300 deductible per visit. Seems totally worth it to me. The same coverage for an A6 was $5k, and a 335xi was at least $3500 for those curious.

    I really wish I could have done an SS or 392 but they were just too far out of the budget. I think I'll be very happy with this car. I don't read much about them, I think they fly under the radar. The 2012's had some issues with the rings causing oil consumption and trans issues so I think that tarnished the reputation of the car. Calling it an R spec is also weird because it is not a sports car at all. So I guess that's why it never caught on for most people.

    I know some people had a bad experience with Hyundai. My moms 2006 sonata V6 she bought new has made it to 165k miles without any real issues. Doesn't burn or leak a drop of oil, and still in great shape rust wise. Her car impressed me a lot. I hope the Genesis lives up to that reputation. I've read great things about the '13 and '14s reliability wise.


    I really don't have plans for the car besides drive it... Maybe window tint, rear trunk lip spoiler, and 2nd cat deletes. There is not an aftermarket at all for these. I can't even find an intake for it lol.
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    LS swap it.
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