Ms3 slave cylinder over extending

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    hello, so I was having this same issue and I’ve gone through 2 slave cylinders trying to figure it out. I think I have a fix. I know this thread is pretty old, but hopefully this can help somebody.

    What I ended up doing was using a bolt to extend the clutch pedal stopper under the master cylinder, inside the footwell.

    there’s a bracket that the original rubber stopper is attached to. I took the rubber piece out and I drilled a larger hole in that spot. I then used a nut on each side of the bracket to hold the bolt in place. This should stop the slave cylinder from overextending. However, this prevented the clutch pedal from reaching the ignition switch. so I slid a little rubber cup with a rolled up piece of electric tape inside, over the end of the plunger on the switch, to give it a bit more length. I started the length of the bolt at 1.25” and pushed the pedal till it stopped on the head of the bolt. I tried to start the car and make sure The clutch pedal stopped past the engagement point. every time the car didn’t start I tightened the bolt by the head to shorten it. I continued to do this until the clutch pedal stopped at the right distance. Once I had the bolt in the right spot I tightened the nuts around the bracket again to make sure the bolt wouldn’t come loose. Also this is optional, but just so that there’s not metal on metal contact, I put a felt pad (the kind you put under your table so it doesn’t scratch the floor) on the end of the bolt.

    It’s pretty cheap and easy. although I’m sure there may be a less “hacked” way to do it. But it works, for me at least. I hope this helps. 5B3000B9-FF7C-4C6D-A108-CD5F45A3EB82.jpeg 9F737BDA-8017-4A7F-9E48-A555FDF8E528.jpeg
    josh121, via an iPhone, Sep 14, 2021

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