My Speed 6 and MazdaShowdown /CorkSport/ Sunday drive

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    So see my Speed 3 first day at CorkSport MazdaShowdown 2023 post if it seems a odd title.
    Speed 6 on Saturday had a battery voltage = 1.9vdc. So the Speed 3 went Saturday and Speed 6 battery was disconnected and charger this time was charging correctly for a overnight charge. Checked in morning and appears everything is OK. The overriding factor to go back on Sunday ---> Not a single Speed 6 in attendance at Event, gotta carry the flag.
    Drive to Vancouver Mall for the general Sunday Auto Meet. Pictures are of our general Mazda Vehicles parked but a few are personal standouts I thought to share.
    Started the beginning drive out and my timing was perfect to follow a easy to see and knew...likely will follow the G Maps posted drive instructions.
    Was a very enjoyable drive, to see the cars we all like in front and behind was a treat.
    Now on to my rest of day. About 2/3 through route, was a slight downhill and I was low speed, high rpm envelope. Suddenly no throttle response and engine would not take any throttle inputs = completely dead.
    Fortunately I had enough momentum and coasting to a perfect driveway to pull into. Remember its Sunday around 10:55 am and this is a church driveway to a parking lot. Engine turns over perfectly, no sparks? Nothing looks wrong upon hood up visual inspection. Pull out laptop...VersaTune and nothing obvious pops up on scanning while starting and logging. Dang it. Seems it is Sparks are dead. No codes, hard to pull a plug and see though raised hood. So Church has a few parishioners, remember the date and time. Kindness was in my fortune and with my TMobile provider dead, a helpful bystander let me call AAA. Middle of nowhere WA, South & West of ridges before Mt St Helens. Finally get AAA callout squared away. Time to return to Speed 6 and wait. Get in and it turns over just as always has and runs PERFECTLY. About a hour of cool down occurred.
    Drive almost a hour back to freeway and head home another hour and half. Nothing is wrong, it runs just fine. of those hard to repeat failures..... I like challenges, but 6 went from high reliability to unknown. So here are pictures, thanks for reading :)
    20230806_092524.JPG 20230806_092545.JPG 20230806_093140.JPG 20230806_093201.JPG 20230806_093205.JPG 20230806_093600.JPG 20230806_093608.JPG 20230806_093616.JPG 20230806_093626.JPG 20230806_093636.JPG 20230806_093648.JPG 20230806_093658.JPG 20230806_094036.JPG 20230806_094039.JPG 20230806_094044.JPG 20230806_094048.JPG 20230806_100003.JPG 20230806_101052.JPG 20230806_105828.JPG 20230806_105832.JPG 20230806_105842.JPG
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