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Discussion in 'Mazdaspeed 3 General Discussion' started by Speed777, Jan 4, 2023.

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    Good evening,

    I'm getting ready for a bigger project with my car. I'm getting ready to do corksport cst4, cs cams, cs exhaust manifold, CS small core front mount intercoller etc.
    I'm running a turbosmart dual port bov at the moment and wanted to know from any members here which front mount intercooler kit will clear with this turbosmart valve. The reason of my question is because i came across a review on corksport webpage about a client back in 2020 who bought the small core front mount kit and end it up having to use the shitty oem bpv.
    Can any of you guys that are running turbosmart dual port BOV tell me which small core kit are you running in order to clear? I also thought of COBB FMIC option but I'm not sure if the piping clears the turbosmart dual port bov .
    This is very important to me because if im not able to clear this valve I'll end up staying with my ETS top mount intercooler setup. If this is the case i would also have to consider keeping internal waste gate option due to the fact that with top mount intercooler i can't install external wastegate on CS exhaust manifold due to clearance issues. I can't either go the housing option corksport has because it states it doesn't clear with aftermarket DP. So if anyone can help me here and share some light so I can make a wise money spending decision. Thanks in advance for your help
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    I would take a different approach than what you’re going for. If you have the turbosmart bov I’m thinking of, it’s like 4 inches tall and is sort of obnoxious. Instead of making the intercooler decision around the bov, why don’t you install the front mount and see if the turbosmart bov fits. If not, then just sell the turbosmart and get something more compact. Use the stock bpv if you have to in the mean time until you find a new bov. Having a front mount and external wastegate options will do more for you in the long run depending on your power goals. Especially if it only means temporarily using the stock bpv.
    Sleepy_Pat, via an iPhone, Jan 16, 2023
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