Nissan S14 aka "Trash Panda"

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    Updates, finally moved and have a garage so my car can sit next to a pu with a bend block mod [emoji23][emoji23]
    Pulled the dash out and found some kind of remote lock system thing that had some open wires on it, scary! Pulled all that shit out and taped up anything that was still an open wire. Cleaned it up a lott.

    Next I figured I'd try my hand at playing with bondo on the dash since I pulled all the AC/heater vents. Was cool to play with and I did an alright job.

    Also went to remove the passenger seat and found out they were welded in... Yikes... Got a grinder and sander and cut that sumbeach out waiting for my tap and die set to arrive and I'll retap the holes and put in new bolts until I can get a set of race seats.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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