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Discussion in 'Mazdaspeed 6 Build Diaries' started by Dr Tal, Aug 8, 2020.

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    This is the start of my build thread. So lil back story. Bought this car a year and a half ago to be a fun daily that can get through the winter easily. Kept the car stock, changed my oil regularly with 5w-40, got vvt/timing chain done. Was going to do minor upgrades, nothing to major since this was my daily.
    Then the incident happened.

    Like most build stories it all starts with motor blowing up. So originally was going to have my warranty company repair it but they are shit and the claim got denied. So i did what any self respecting car guy would do. Got another daily and this will be a project car.

    My goals at the end of the day is to get between 400-500whp (or least to make sure the block can handle that much)
    This will be my first build and im more of a rotary guy. (currently have an rx8 that also need a rebuild but thats another story)

    Since my engine is shot anyway might as well build it up properly while it is apart.
    Im currently assembling a part list and could use any advice. Like do i have to bore out to 88mm or can i jsut get forged 87.5mm pistons to hold up to 500 whp.
    Which connecting rods are best., etc
    Most likely my block and head are shot. Would have to get the opinoin of a good machine shop.
    Using this also as reference:

    Parts list so far
    New Short block or old block bored to 88mm
    4032 forged pistons
    arp studs
    bsd kit
    edge stage 3 rebuild kit.

    I'm in no hurry to finish this and the car can sit for a while. I appreciate any and all advice. Im from south new jersey. So if anyone has a good machince shop/ good shop that can get advice from in the area, Would be appreciated

    Bonus pic (The carnage of cylindar 2, pistons 1/2/3 all shot)

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