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Discussion in 'Cars' started by DubC, Apr 6, 2019.

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    So I’ve had 3 Mazda 3s covering two designs. I’ve liked them both. Yeah clown smile is a thing but nowadays it’s mostly blended in. When the new design came out in 14 I was a fan of the sedan. More particularly the face. I liked the way they were going. I liked the 6s and was happy to see the 3 follow suit.

    Then I saw the ass of that hatch. OMG. Fucking minivan. I was appalled. Having a hatch myself I grew to really like the look. But this newer one, to me, was ugly. Sedan was fine but that rounded bubble butt on the hatch was not. So bland.

    Today I went to pick up a few parts from the dealer. I was walking out and noticed what I thought was a new model. It was a hatch and I sorta thought it might have been the cx-3. was a normal 3, hatch. I know they released a new design recently but hadn’t seen it in person. God damn!! Someone must’ve sent the designers a memo. Again, just my .02, but they fixed it!! That ass looks sexy again.

    I actually stopped and hurriedly checked the sticker to see if maybe it was a new ‘speed’ without a badge. Nope. But that’s fine. I’m very happy with their choice of styling this time around. Now drop a turbo in that fucker and do work!!

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    I like the design of the new 3 except the hatch C pillar. My only other grips are you can't get the 2.5t at all, and you can't get the manual with awd.

    It seems like if they want to compete with VW/Audi or the entry level luxury brands, they're going to need the 2.5t as an option. You can get a mazda 6 with the 2.5t for <30k msrp. No reason that can't be done in the 3. I also think having manual with awd would be a decent selling point. The golf alltrack allows this combo.

    Sure the dream would be manual/awd/2.5t but I don't think the buyer base is large enough to warrant that. The WRX has that side cornered.

    And another side note, why no mazda 6 2.5t w/ awd?
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    I love the new awd. Even auto,which is proven faster Paddle shifting is fun,too,but I get it. Heard a rumor about 2.5t awd in 2020 from a reliable source...
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