Boost creep or slow boost issue after a replacing a bad WGA on your MSP.

Discussion in 'Mazdaspeed Protege Troubleshooting' started by StealthWyvern, Feb 14, 2016.

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    If you have recently replaced your WGA on your MSP and still suffer from boost creep issues or slow boost its generally a few things with the protégés. One of them being a bad WGA or improperly adjusted wga. However the other isn't so easy to figure out.

    I've had the wastegate flap in the exhaust housing back out and hit the housing preventing it from closing and opening fully 2 or 3 times since I've had my MSP which is about 10 years now. You will have to remove the turbo to check this out.

    The image blow is one of my stock t25 exhaust housings where the flap has backed out and this is actually fully closed do to the flap hitting the exhaust housing.

    Notice how much further down the wastegate flap is on the below example. Also notice how much isn't sticking up above the exhaust housing in comparison to the above photos.

    Some people have had luck pressing the flap back down to its original spot but I haven't had any luck and managed to even break one even with applying heat to it. I just get a new housing each time this happens.

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