Eonon head units with silver face (yes!!) for Mazdaspeed3 gen1

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    So I've been trolling Eonon for a few good years now about a front silver face for their units and finally someone from them managed to respond.
    They said that if I manage to get 10 people together who want an Eonon unit with a silver front face they will make it. We're two so far.
    If we're not going to meet their number and the minimum number of front faces of this colour is 10 I offered to buy the rest of the front faces and give them for free to people who already purchased Eonon HUs and totalled their silver trim interiors with a matte black thing in the middle of their center console.

    The unit they will make in silver trim is going to be GA9251B, but most probably their front face will fit older units as well.

    We also asked for full BOSE compatibility as well, at least in Europe and Australia the 3BK MPS (mazdapseed3 gen1) came only with the BOSE sound system. But if you don';t have a BOSE sound system in your car no problem, it will still be compatible with the classic system (it's just a matter of some wiring and a small circuit).

    So what do you guys say?
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