LTFT Issues and Lugging

Discussion in 'Mazdaspeed 3 Troubleshooting' started by xsixx23, Oct 8, 2018.

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    You could use a mafcal like I said. I think that will address your LTFT "issue", but I don't believe that's what's causing your lugging in lower gears.

    Is this specifically 1st - 2nd gear or can you get it to happen in others? Do you have DSC disabled? Has Stratified disabled your SWAS in the tune for you? These all would cause similar issues to what you're seeing.

    As far as the relief valve is concerned, your WOT pressures are normal and aren't dropping below 1600 and are staying in a close enough range that I don't see anything really wrong. Your HPFP pressure will move around a bit like that, so that is normal. If it was sticking open or anything dumb like that you would not be getting even close to where your pressures are at right now. You should start logging HPFP desired pressure as well and compare your Actual and Desired pressures.

    You should try to get some visibility into what your tune actually looks like. When you're getting the lug, you should document what your boost/load/AFR/trims/knock is at and see if there is anything that might be causing that. Dumbing down boost/load targets in lower gears is a good idea for traction.

    What does your tuner say about all of this? He would be the best guy to approach about this as well since a lot of this is just guessing what your tune is actually set up to do.
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    This is 1st to 2nd most of the time. Every now and then, into the other gears. I disabled SWAS. The lugging was going on before this, and I wanted to see if it made any difference, and it did not. I have no codes, either.

    I emailed stratified about 1 month ago. I got a reply asking for my order number and then nothing again. From what I understand, that's the reputation nowadays, so they are of no help, unfortunately. I have been running this exact tune for a year with no issues.

    As far as knock goes, I usually never see that. My previous logs had 0.00. It's worth noting I was way downtown last night and had to fill up with cheap gas from circle K which I know can impact this.

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