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    This here is my original bt set up I had, I just copy and paste from my original post.

    I know most guys like the gtx turbo but I went with the atp gt2871r it was the perfect turbo for what I am wanting and my type of driving, I thought about going with a bigger turbo that I could grow into, but just did not see me building a engine in the near future. I have all the supporting parts here except on the intake waiting on JBR to get my WP shipped out.

    As part of this journey I have used the other guys to source most of the parts, I used @maperformance to purchase the turbo, they gave me a great deal on it that I just could not pass up on, then I went with @SPEEDPERF6RMANC3 to get my 3 bar map sensor harness and my 3 port ebcs, and got a sweet killah built sticker from them to that will be going on the car to represent them. I did use one of the big guys here to obtain some parts during one of there awesome sales and went to to get my james baron racing 3.5 gt wide path intake, and had to get a new down pipe cause there was a possibility of my UR V1 down pipe hitting the internal waste gate, so just got a UR V2 down pipe.

    I also plan on running water meth along with the corn, but right now just waiting on some one to make a tank that will fit nice in engine bay of the car.

    But while I was on the path of using the other guys I thought lets give one of the other smaller tuners a chance to tune my car. I have heard nothing but good things about @atvfreek with him being a mazda master tech,and me being a tech to I thought I could trust this guy with my car and it its health.

    So part of the moral of this build story is check out some of the smaller guys they are just as good as the big boys and there service is great.

    Now with the parts list
    atp gt2871r turbo
    UR V2 dp and test pipe both catless
    jmf intake manifold
    tread stone fmic
    cpe cbe
    autotech internals
    c/s bpv
    jbr wp intake
    damond motorsports mounts
    3 bar map
    freek tune 93 and corn

    C/S springs
    C/S mid brace
    jbr rsb

    Now a few years have of course pass and a few things have changed such as I have gone front mount with a tread stone kit, upgraded to a jmf intake manifold and got the methanol fully going. Changed tuners to and had rob finkle had tune me with 85 and methanol and he produced 408 whp and this was before I went fmic and was on stock intake manifold.

    Now the car again is making changes going with built motor from ebtec and changing the turbo up,will post up more info when the build is complete

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