My WTF am I doing Build/Maintenance Thread

Discussion in 'Mazdaspeed 3 Build Diaries' started by jdr767, May 3, 2021.

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    I'm done working on the car for a bit if I can help it - gotta fix the bike now.

    Things to do though:
    1- Check suspension travel/play. Ride is obviously lower and stiffer with the new coilovers - but going over bridges gets things rocking annoyingly so.
    2 - Check gas tank filler - I get a small leak from (I think) where the fill spout meets the tank. Only when the tank is full and the car is facing up an incline, like my driveway. I glanced at it when installing rear suspension but was more interested in getting back on the road. This is a leftover from the last time I got hit but "The mechanics couldn't find an issue" so its up to me I guess.
    3 - There was something else

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