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    As some of you know @Mzr0818 and I built my current motor a few weeks leading to ENM@MDC 15'.

    Although we were through in doing it, it was my fault for pushing to have it done so quick. I think we pulled the old motor, built the new one and installed the motor in less than a week. Now that I have been in the trade for almost a year now having a few industrial motor builds under my belt and having the over all general knowledge down is going to help me greatly in the success of this build. As well as all the precision tools and guidance that will help for a better more thorough build.

    From the getgo
    Motor ran strong, break in went well minus some few timing issues and had everything squared away and broken in before the Dragon trip. Ran through the entire trip strong and lasted over 2k miles.

    Setup prior to issues
    -Manley H-Beams
    -Weiseco 87.5mm Pistons
    -OEM Main and Rod Bearings
    -BSD Delete
    -DNP EM
    -Ported IM
    -VTCS Delete
    -EGR Delete
    -M2 Cattless DP
    -Freek Intake
    -HKS Exhaust
    -Tial QR BPV
    -ARP Mains
    -JBR Sealed OCC
    -Perm Plate
    -OEM Head Bolts
    -Full gasket restore etc.
    Im sure I'm missing stuff, but ill come back and check after I'm down here but i was about 75% of the way done tuning with @Atvfreek

    After the dragon trip I decided to take the FJ BT kit and slap it on, hardware changes consisted of:
    -PTE JB 5858
    -FJ Tubular EM
    -FJ Under route hot side piping
    -TR10 IC Core
    - Ran a DM Vented can in tandem with the JBR sealed OCC

    Ater all this had some trim issues but that was sorted out with some check valves and tune adjustment.

    300 Miles into BT Swap poof went the 5858. Was dumping oil into the Hotside and sent it out for warranty. During this time I got with edge about picking up a DBB5858 and after PTE screwing the pooch for about two weeks trying to get the right turbo (the DBB came to me with the wrong housing) they sent me a 4" sported housing to switch over but was unaware that the mountain brackets were different and also that the housing wouldn't fit the frame they use for the 3" inlet housing. Eventually i received the right setup and away we went again.

    DBB worked great until about 1-200 miles in and smoking again. Did some research talked to some people and came to the conclusion that I was running the wrong size oil feed. i was using the -4 oil feed from there JB. Ordered a Kozmic -3 feed line kit installed it. Car still smoked. Said screw it with PTE and ordered a T3 S4 from Bryan got it installed, still smoked. Inspected the PTE which was fine and at that point thought it must not be turbo related anymore and moved toward the motor. Compression was still 195 on all four and leak down was less than 5% on all four. Thought maybe exhaust valve seals.

    Had a spear head rebuilt. swapped said head rebuild with new valve seals etc. Smoking issues still remained. Pulled IM and inspected valves and all cylinders were dry EXCEPT 1 valve in Cyl 3. Hmm Weird.

    Dug deeper into the head and realized the valve seals were in the wrong sides. Exhaust in the intake and intake in the exhaust. Bought some new valve seals swapped out the cyl 3 seals and problems still existed. Grayish white smoke only after idle. No smoke after throttle and the car still had good power. Figured that if anything I only did one valve and I can't see the exhaust side so maybe its all of them. Only Cyl 3 still had anything notably wrong. Oil on the plugs and the valves cleaner than the rest. Took that previous head I swapped out. Sent it up to justin for another FULL rebuild. Valves, seals, etc. Some minor headwork as well.Swapped the head the day i got it back from him. NO MORE SMOKE! Yayyyy right!!! Well not exactly.
    I forgot a few weeks before that I brought some 15-40 home from work to see what happens obviously was the same with the previous head but now no smoking with this head. Did an oil change with some Pen Plat 5-30 and the smoking came back.

    TL;DR on the first half? I chased my tail for too long and bounced around bottom end ring failure, the signs and checks didn't point there so i didn't go there. Now I'm going there :(

    So Here We are
    Scumbuild 2.0 Is Now in Full effect

    Full Performance Mod List

    Existing Parts Staying in the build
    -Same Manley H-Beam Rods
    -FJ Exhaust Manifold

    -Ported Intake Manifold
    -Freaktune Intake
    -FJ Under route piping
    -TR10 Core
    -Tial QR BPV
    - Custom self made cold pipe
    -Fresh Rebuilt Cyl Head
    -CS Injector Seals
    -JBR PMM
    -DM TMM
    -VTCS Delete
    -Tial 44mm EWG
    - T3 BNRs4 with garret 4 bolt to PTE Vband Adapter plate

    Additions "New" Parts to the build
    -Mahle Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings awaiting shipment
    -OEM Main Bearings awaiting to order
    -DM RMM Awaiting shipment
    -DM PS Cooler Relocation Awaiting Shipment
    -DM PCV Plate Awaiting Shipment
    -Manley 88MM Pistons Awaiting shipment
    - DM IM (Awaiting release)
    -All gaskets and Required rebuild essentials Oil Pump etc. Awaiting Shipment
    -Send Injectors out to be cleaned awaiting motor tear down
    - Gen 2 VC weld an AN bung for a catch can.
    -Large Box type OCC Awaiting to order
    -Freek L19 Head Studs Awaiting to be ordered
    -GFB TMS Respons Awaiting Shipment

    Suspension/ Brakes/ Driveline
    -StopTech Slotted Rotors
    -Stoptech SS brake lines
    -HAWK Street Pads
    -Koni Yellow on OEM Springs
    (Will be changing to swift springs with drag bags in the rear)
    -SPC Adjustable Camber Arms
    -JBR RSB

    Car is sitting in the back yard right now, Awaiting to be torn down. Just waiting for the time to do it. Will be sending out to my buddy at Precision Auto. They have a wizard machinest and he is going to do all the machining, polishing, boring and ring gaps. I will be doing all of the bearing clearance measurements and etc. as part of the deal we have to get the work done for cheap.

    Will Update the thread with anything new i buy to add to the build.

    Thanks for reading ladies and gents. Heres to a big things!
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    Good luck patty. We pray for a speedy recovery.

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    Hey, you made a thread!

    That all sounds like a huge hassle with PTE. Sucks to hear. I will follow the build and see where you end up with the S4 as Im curious about its potential.
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