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    Please be patient, I am going to start creating a guide for tuning on pump gas. I am not an expert but have been successful on my own car. If you are an expert and had advice to give or just know stuff please tell me so I can modify and update this. This is a continuation of the Big Turbo Base Map guide I made earlier.

    There are three main parts of tuning VT.
    1. Maf Cal
    2. Setting Load and WG Duty cycle to achieve desired boost. "more mafcal"
    3. Set Timing
    I will start by talking about all the settings you should in place to begin the tune. I will also discuss a few best practices for safety.

    I am assuming you read through the big turbo guide and have a decent maf cal already with a good base map.

    Maf Cal - Read through these two guides, the goal is to get the requested AFR at WOT all the time. This is tedious but very important. Once this is set you get to have fun and add power. GUIDE 1 GUIDE 2 , read , read and read some more. There are also good youtube videos on this.

    This is what my mafcal looks like after various adjustments through the tune. HTP 3.5 Speed 3 gen juan

    For the gen juan you want to copy the data to both "MAF Calibration 1" and "MAF Calibration 2"

    You can apply smoothing eventually but the main thing is to have it progress and never have it decrease as voltage does up. The MAF is telling your car how much air has to work with in order to have proper fueling. If you mess this up you're gonna have a bad time.

    Make sure you also set Closed Loop Load Limit to 1 across the board if you did not already to help you dial in the mafcal quicker, this can be changed to 3 across the board once you are done.

    I used these fields to log my mafcal.

    LOAD, BOOST and Wastegate Duty Cycle "WGDC"
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