VersaTuner 1.12.0 released

Discussion in 'VersaTune' started by steve@versatune, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Lots of cool stuff in this release!

    The update includes these changes:

    General changes

    • Support for importing and flashing encrypted and locked tunes from authorized e-tuners
    • Preferred measurement units can now be individually customized both in the Tune Editor and in the Dashboard
    • All fuel-related tables can now be displayed in either AFR or lambda units
    • Improved usability when using the Tune Editor with the keyboard
    • Improved performance when launching the app and working with tunes and logs
    • It is now possible to search for tunes in "My tunes"
    • It is now possible to import .vtlog format logs into the local database
    • VersaTuner data folder can be quickly opened from the Settings screen for easy backup or migration to a different PC

    Mazda 3/6/CX-5 SkyActiv Diesel

    New tunes:
    • Base tune v1.06 with smooth boost and significantly improved power/torque
    • Special tune to upgrade from 150 hp to 175 hp
    New tables:
    • Tables that are different between 150 hp and 175 hp factory tunes
    • Exhaust Pressure Limit constants
    • Requested Boost Limit tables
    • Injection Timing tables
    • EGT Limit 1 and EGT Limit 2 tables
    • Boost Limit BAT tables
    • Added additional parameters to the General Performance logging preset
    • Corrected scaling of exhaust gas temperature logging parameters
    • Fixed Bluetooth logging issues

    Mazda 3/6 MPS, Mazdaspeed 3/6 and Mazda CX-7

    • Manifold absolute pressure dashboard parameter can now be customized by selecting the installed MAP sensor or entering custom calibration
    • Boost pressure is now accurately displayed for aftermarket MAP sensors
    • Added support for CorkSport 3.5 bar MAP sensor
    • New logging parameters Catalyst Temperature and Fan Duty Cycle

    Mazda RX-8

    • Added new logging parameters Fan 1 and 2 Status and Fan 3 Status
    • Actual Air Fuel Ratio can be logged in AFR units
    • Corrected axis label for Oil Injection - Throttle 1 and 2
    Read more about the new features
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  2. Meicalnissyen

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    Feb 28, 2016
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    The improved usability of files in windows is very welcome
  3. Redline

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    Feb 12, 2016
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    Does anyone know what some of the main pro-tuners charge to convert your maps over to Versatune if you go this route? I'm talking about folks like FREEKTUNE, Stratified, Nishan, Hypnotic, Purple Drank, Dizzy, and others (whom if I've forgotten, I apologize).

    Then again, I run SWAS unplugged, so converting would be as simple as translating all the tables. I'd like to have SWAS fully disabled yet still plugged in so I don't have the warning lights any more, which I guess could add cost.

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