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    This isn’t really a how-to per say but I wanted to provide some info that may be helpful when replacing the blower motor and resistor. These cars are getting old. My heat went out last December. Just didn’t turn on one morning. Any heat level? Nope. Nothing. Figured it was most likely the blower motor resistor. No biggie. Right there by the cabin air filter, passenger footwell. Ever change a cabin filter and you know where the blower motor resistor is. When I pulled the resistor I noticed some debris up in there. Chipmunks built a home.

    Pulled the cabin filter and a bunch of felt and debri was clogging the filters. Ohmed the blower motor resistor. Twas bad. Also had some corrosion on it so I knew it was a goner. Pulled all the shit out and ordered a new resistor. If you have auto climate control then you have a more of a blower motor module. Mo’ features, Mo’ money. It’s around ~$90. Anyways, prefer to stay oem with electronics so I ordered off an online Mazda parts site. Popped that badboy in. Heat worked and I was thanking baby Jesus. Then it didn’t work and I was cursing baby Jesus. Ended up removing cabin air filter and getting a hand up in the tract. Turns out a bunch of debri was stuffed in the blower motor and tract.

    Rut Ro.

    The last thing anyone wants to mess with in a Wisconsin winter is heat issues. I didn’t even want to mess with it but heck, no heat sucks, like really bad. So I order another blower motor module and a blower motor. Looked up how-to replace blower motor and you have to pull the dash. The blower motor is right in the middle of the dash right below the screens. Well, fuck. I really don’t want to do that in an unheated garage In Wisconsin. Looked for another way to get this done sans dash pulling. Found a guy on YouTube that was able to do it in without pulling dash. Swapped everything from below. Ok. Cool. It’s possible. Followed along. Until I had to remove the pedals to get to the blower motor. I didn’t feel like popping my shoulder out of the socket to reach the blower motor, detach the harness, push in the couple detents, twist the blower motor and push it out to the passenger side all with one hand. Then do it all over to install everything. Screw that noise. So I opted to pull the dash. I could barely touch the blower motor with my fingers let alone try to test it from below.

    Pulling the dash is pretty straight forward. I watched the attached video a couple times and had at it. If I would have started with pulling the dash instead of going at it from below I would have saved hours. It looks like a lot and it is. If you have a car that has navigation and Sirius. You will have a couple modules behind the glove box to disconnect. But pulling the dash gives you access to all the bolts for the blower motor case on the passenger side, the wire harness and detents on the drivers side. When I finally got to the blower motor it was full of debris. And the blades had damage to them from a stick or something. Cleaned up the debris and swapped the motor. Put everything back together. Tried to take my time. Apparently I didn’t take enough time and ended up with a bunch of bolts that I have no idea where they came from. If I did it again I would marked all bolts with a paint marker. There are holes that look like a bolt would go there but never had one. Anyway, after a long day and finally getting the heat to work I didn’t mind having a hand full of bolts left over.

    The blower motor resistor is easy. Two bolts and a wire harness on the passenger side.

    So my how-to sorta takeaway is if you need to replace a blower motor on a genpu. Watch the video, pull the dash and mark all the bolts. Don’t waste any time trying from below. Also, pictures below.

    Blower motor:

    Blower motor resistor w/ auto ac:

    Blower motor resister w/o auto ac:

    My initial concern.


    Blower motor module pic.

    Stuffled blower motor.

    It sucks but just yank it. Blower motor aft hvac center vents.


    Left over dash bolts are a real thing. Luckily, bsd, damond mounts and exhaust hide all the rattles.

    What’s that shit in the blower motor? Oh just my tire rack felt wheel protectors that rodents have fashioned into a nest in my car.


    This is how you do with no heat. It sucks. Don’t be this guy. 70023A9F-1808-4718-A9A0-1C2DFDB183C0.jpeg
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    Brutal, man.
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