Mazda 6/Mazdaspeed 6 Bumper Fitment Solution-FENDERWELL AREA IS AVAILABLE!

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    For 1st generation Mazda 6 and Mazdaspeed 6, a bumper fitment solution is available for The fenderwell area! This is the furthest back area of the bumper.

    ****This kit requires modification to the provided RaiderFab V1 bracket in the form of drilling a 3/8 inch mounting hold to the left and right of the center slot. A punch, drill bit, and cordless drill will be needed, and a vise or other tool to hold the bracket in place is beneficial. Instructions are provided for this and all steps. ****

    Raiderfab is a proud distributor for Quik Latch, the original American made latches NHRA Certified and proven to stand up to the elements! A standard Quik Latch will secure your bumper easily. Easy to follow installation instructions make this a pretty easy fit for your loose bumper!

    ***All latch orders now come with complimentary threadlocker at no additional cost!***

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