Annoying Protege Dash Rattle Locations

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    *work in progress*

    1) The plastic cowl by the wipers.

    2) The plastic part that’s attached to the fender by the door. You can see this part when the door is open.
    3) A piece of metal under the wiper cowl that runs front to back on the car. If you tap on it with your hand you will hear it rasp. I jammed a zipstrip (green zipstrip in video clip) between it and the other piece of metal. And no more rattle dash noise by the passenger side airbag around 2.2k-2.6k rpms!!

    UPDATE: Fixed that #3 above.. got the two pieces of metal welded together.. man that little issue makes a shit ton of noise! I can tell a MAJOR difference even with all my carpet out in my car! After you weld it cover it up with some paint.. All I had was silver paint. Please note before you weld this together make sure you have all leafs cleared out of the cowl area and just do the part away from the glass. The shop that did it for me almost had a fire issue due to the insulation under the dash from welding the panel under the windshield for me. Note that the below issue is after a different friend tried to weld it with a stick welder and burnt through it. The shop that I had fix this filled the hole and all.
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